Praia verde Boutique Hotel

PVBH was a refurbishment on all levels of architecture, concerning interior design it was entirely rethought as well.

The hotel had a great potential in terms of space and surroundings, but
unfortunately the rooms and social areas were too subdivided, with an
outdated decor and in bad shape. The refurbishment had as its goal to
give a new concept to the hotel, where guests could feel more at home, with neutral tones and natural materials, in a more welcoming
environment all year round, not only in the summer.

Concerning social areas, our goal was based on the connection of all the different usages. At any time of the day, guests can enjoy the terrace, restaurant, bar and lounge area with a simple but comfortable interior design.

One of the highlights is the wood-fired oven, which can be seen from
almost everywhere, the 'main artist' of this new Hotel concept. Personally, the space that gave us more pleasure to transform, was the whole social area. Being all connected, with so many different and specific areas, one had to seek consensuality and aesthetic harmony.

Location: Praia Verde, Algarve, Portugal
Type: Hotel
Date: 2014/16